It’s February and All the Things Are Happening in Portland Right Now


I can’t pick just one featured event. For me, right now it’s all about the Olympics, The Portland International Film Festival and the Portland Jazz Festival. I’ve been away for a few months. I had started a new job and then I quit last week. During that time, I’d never been so mentally and physically tired. Writing anything was the last thing on my mind. I may write about that whole experience, but I usually don’t write much about my jobs.

Back to fun stuff

Hulu has a good multi-channel stream of the Olympics, but for cheapies like me, NBC broadcast coverage will have to do. I don’t even fully understand sports like curling, but it’s mesmerizing! The winter games also make me feel especially guilty for living very close to Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor and never doing anything beyond snowshoeing. Actually, I don’t feel that guilty. I don’t like activities that are expensive and require storage of bulky equipment. Skiing and snowboarding are both expensive, and even if I buy my own gear, I’d have to sleep on it because I have very little storage space. But I think I will try out some lessons next year.

Portland International Film Festival (PIFF)

February 15 – March 1

The 41st installment of PIFF is looking better than last year’s lineup. I don’t know what it was exactly, but I didn’t find much that excited me last year. This year, there are quite a few picks I’m looking forward to seeing. Of course I’ll be catching the latest from Claire Denis, Let the Sun Shine in (France). There are a couple colonial period pieces from South America that look interesting: Zama from Argentina and Volante from Brazil. As in years past, I’m a bit disappointed there are not more German language films, but both Western and A Taxi Driver look promising. I’m also happy that Cinemagic and Laurelhurst Theater are going to be venues this year – all hail the east side!

Portland Jazz Festival

February 15-25

Usually the jazz festival gets eclipsed by PIFF in my scheduling, but this year, I’m definitely catching some shows. It’s noteworthy that many events are free or very affordable, to round out all the big ticket items. Last night, I was finally catching the Mel Brown Group at the Jack London Revue and I was reminded that yes, the jazz festival is in full swing. I saw a poster in the bathroom of some interesting looking folks. I went home and listened to them and they reminded me of Archie Pelago, one of my very favorite groups that meld jazz and electronic. Check out The Kandinsky Effect on Wednesday, February 21st at the Jack London.

Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Dreckig will be at Turn! Turn! Turn! on Friday, February 23rd.

Down Gown will play the Lay Low Tavern on Saturday, February 24th.

I’m interested to check out Night Heron at Doug Fir Lounge on Sunday, February 25th.

Betty Who will be at the Wonder Ballroom on Tuesday, February 27th.

You Haven’t Been There Yet?

Sessionable at Division and 36th is just delightful. Most 10 oz. pours are $3 and 20 oz pours are $6. What a revelation! Smaller sizes, at fair prices! They also have a lot of board games.


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