Writing Samples


Here is an article for Newscastic about happy hours in Portland, Oregon:


Here is an article I wrote for Newscastic about movie theaters in Portland, Oregon:


I also took the pictures for both of these articles.


101 Words, December 4, 2015 edition, “Worth”

I can creep you out in 101 words. A true and chilling story of a strange encounter at a rest stop.


Ragazine, Volume 11, Number 1, January – February 2015, “You Come from a Beautiful Country”

Strangers we collide with for mere minutes far from home can haunt us.


Word Riot, August 2014, “Terminal”

My process of coping with my father-in-law’s terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis in August of 2013.



Rivet, Issue 4, February 2015, “Vacation”

Do you dare to go where the wild things really are?


S/tick, Issue 2.3, Winter 2014, “Earring”

A page ripped from real life, my “adminageddon.”


VoiceCatcher, Winter 2015 issue, “Liminal”

This is a piece inspired by a period of reading a lot of female memoir writers.



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