Writing Samples


101 Words, December 4, 2015 edition, “Worth”

I can creep you out in 101 words. A true and chilling story of a strange encounter at a rest stop.


Ragazine, Volume 11, Number 1, January – February 2015, “You Come from a Beautiful Country”

Strangers we collide with for mere minutes far from home can haunt us.


Word Riot, August 2014, “Terminal”

My process of coping with my father-in-law’s terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis in August of 2013.


Roving Writers Zine, 2010, “My First Four Weeks”



Rivet, Issue 4, February 2015, “Vacation”

Do you dare to go where the wild things really are?


S/tick, Issue 2.3, Winter 2014, “Earring”

A page ripped from real life, my “adminageddon.”


VoiceCatcher, Winter 2015 issue, “Liminal”

This is a piece inspired by a period of reading a lot of female memoir writers.



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