I’m So Fancy: My Profile on the Oregon Literary Arts Blog

I’m So Fancy: My Profile on the Oregon Literary Arts Blog

Oregon Literary Arts is publishing profiles of the 2014 fellowship winners, and my heart is full of gratitude! My thanks go to Mel Wells and Susan Denning, who are always working hard for the organization and all it does to sustain the art of the written word and writers both established and up-and-coming. Winning this fellowship was more than the money. It meant all my hard work was taking root and flowering. Because though I desired to become a better writer, only putting my behind in the chair and banging out draft after draft and sending out endless submissions got me anywhere.

What an adventure this year has already been! Writing prize, landed a new job and trying to strike a balance between the two. But of course the writing is my love, my passion, my soul, my reason for everything. Writing hard, working hard. As Iggy Azalea puts it, “I been up all night, tryin’ ta git dat rich. I been work, work, work, work, workin’ on my shiiiiit.” Besides giving thanks to my husband, I could not have come this far without my “writing spouse,” Nadia, and my screenplay group partners, Connie and Christine.

I should also thank Iggy Azalea and Angel Haze, whose albums reached for me and grabbed hold. Two proud ladies giving me a soundtrack to go out and kick ass and never question whether I “deserve” success.

3 responses to “I’m So Fancy: My Profile on the Oregon Literary Arts Blog

  1. Of course ! You are amazing but I’ve known that from day one! You will always be the shining star in my heart! Luv you, Stephanie! So proud of you!


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